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They are many reasons why you might want to remortgage - to get a better deal, to consolidate debt, to raise money for something. There are a variety of options available such as further advance, remortgage and second charge mortgages. Maxwell Moore can review your current arrangements, and what you want to achieve, and recommend a suitable solution for you. With many deals offering free valuation and legal work, and with no product fee, it might not cost you anything to change your mortgage and save money!

Getting a better deal

It doesn't always pay to be loyal when it comes to mortgages. The chances are you took a mortgage deal which has or is coming to an end which means the interest rate, and therefore your monthly payments, will increase. But they don't have to! Even if you are still within an existing deal period, there may be better rates available that will save you more money than you will pay in early repayment charges. We welcome the opportunity to review your current mortgage to see if you could save money, and if you can't we'll tell you and advise when it may be more appropriate to consider changing.

Lock and chain

Debt consolidation

One of the most common reasons people choose to remortgage is because they have other debts and want a more manageable monthly outgoing. Although mortgage interest rates can seem low and appealing in comparision to personal loan or finance agreement rates, mortgages are generally taken over much longer periods. The total interest charged may therefore not be significantly different. However, we realise that monthly affordability is often the reason many people consider using the equity in their home to pay off other debts. We will gather all the information about your current income and expenditure and propose a solution that helps to achieve your goals for the lowest overall cost. We can consider options besides just a remortgage to help make your outgoings more manageable.

House price growing

Capital raising

With the recent rises in house prices, many people are choosing to extend or improve their existing home rather than move. There are many reasons besides home improvements why you may want to extract the equity in your home. Whatever the reason, as long as it is legal, we can advise on a suitable solution for you.

Protecting you and your home

We don't just love helping you find the right mortgage, we're passionate about ensuring you can stay in your home. That's why we'll discuss how to protect you and your family in the event of unpleasant things happening; unfortunately the mortgage and bills don't go away even if your income does, and your family won't want to move if you die. Find out more on our insurance page. Blank pixel to trigger onload event