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Older borrowers

Until recently, older borrowers seeking a mortgage beyond retirement age had limited options, with equity release type arrangements often being the main type of product available. In recent times however, some lenders have begun to make available a wider range of options and it is now potentially possible to take out a conventional mortgage into old age - well beyond normal retirement age.

There are numerous scenarios that may apply to older borrowers. You may be approaching the end of your existing mortgage term but have a balance remaining, and want to obtain a new deal; you may want to raise money from your property to assist children or grandchildren with a property purchase of their own; you may want to buy your home under right to buy legislation. These are just a few examples, and there are lenders who will consider all of them.

Assisting older clients is a core activity for Maxwell Moore - speak to us and let us expertly guide you through the options available to you in this rapidly evolving market.

Of course, we also want to ensure that you will be secure in your home, no matter what life throws at you in the years ahead, so we will also provide advice on appropriate insurance to protect you.

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