Mortgage Confusion

Confused emoticon Confused emoticon

Should I choose discount, or should I choose fixed?
And then there's those trackers all intermixed.
What is the difference, if I choose a flexx?
All these mortgage options are quite complex.

Will choosing variable, cause great sighs,
when I see interest rates on the rise?
And what if I fix, will it make me frown,
to lose out when interest rates go down.

How long should I choose, from two years to ten?
Crystal ball tell me, what will rates be then?
But into the future I just can't see,
I'm at the mercy of the MPC.

And what about fees, how do I work out,
lower rate with them, or higher without?
Which combination will cost me the least?
I really do hope I'm not getting fleeced.

To save me stress, I learned to be wiser,
I signed up with a mortgage advisor.
They learned about me and gave me advice,
Now my choices are informed and precise.