Stewart's Story

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Case study image Stewart had recently got divorced which had resulted in him getting a large county court judgement, and missing a payment on a communications supplier account. Both of these had been satisfied but were still on his credit file. Prior to the divorce he'd always had a perfect credit record.

As part of the divorce settlement he needed to transfer several buy to let properties from joint names to his sole name; he also wanted to raise capital from these properties to expand his portfolio. To add to the complexity, the transfers were court ordered with a deadline and there was significant urgency to get things done. The matrimonial home had been awarded to Stewart's ex-wife so he was no longer classed as an owner-occupier.

Stewart was really unsure where to start so he asked Maxwell Moore to help. The fact he wasn't an owner-occupier combined with the adverse credit on his file were likely to be problems we had to overcome.

The first thing we did was listen to Stewart's story. There were very reasonable explanations for why he'd been given the CCJ and missed the payment on the communications supplier account. He had already planned to challenge the CCJ, and the courts did eventually agree for this to be set aside. This would, however, take time to be removed from his credit file. We helped him compose a letter explaining how the missed payment had occurred. We then used our expertise to identify lenders who would review his case on its merits, rather than relying on credit scoring.

We were able to identify several mainstream lenders who were willing to help Stewart to achieve his goals. It is unlikely that any of these lenders would have accepted Stewart's applications directly from him. We had taken the time to understand Stewart's situation and were able to our use our experience and the contacts we have to present his case to these lenders in a way that obtained a great outcome for him.

At the end of the process Stewart commented to us that although he had always previously sourced his own mortgage applications, he would never now try and do that again. His experience with us has led him to feel that using a broker is both simpler, and more likely to achieve a better outcome than he could achieve working on it by himself. We were of course delighted to hear that and were pleased to have helped him at such a difficult time in his life.

We can't always guarantee an outcome which will delight, but we can guarantee that we will always work hard on behalf of our clients, and if it can be done, we will do our best to ensure that it is done. It is often possible for a good broker to achieve an outcome that their client doesn't think is possible.

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