Alison's Story

Case study image

Case study image Alison was the life and soul of a recent event that we attended. Funny, articulate, intelligent, and clearly very good at her job. From a casual glance, you'd never imagine that Alison had a dark secret.

Over coffee, we got chatting. We told her about the world of mortgages, and she told us about the world of marketing. We all agreed that her area of marketing sounded rather fun. She tried (not entirely convincingly) to agree with us that mortgages are fun too.

As we chatted, Alison let us into her secret. Quite a few years ago she had bought a house, initially on a 2-year fixed rate. When that product came to an end, she never quite got around to doing anything about it. It was only following her recent marriage that her thoughts returned to her mortgage as she wanted to change the house into joint names. She told us that her mortgage was only fairly small, so it didn't really matter (although even she was clearly not convinced by that argument). It did matter though; the reality is that Alison has probably paid her lender several thousand pounds more than she would have done if she had taken action earlier.

Are you like Alison, never quite getting around to reviewing your interest rate; maybe you're worried that some aspect of your life makes you an unattractive borrower; or are you just unsure of how to deal with what can be a daunting process?

Low mortgage rates and tighter lending criteria over the last decade have left many people on their lender's Standard Variable Rate so you're not alone. For some, this might be a reasonable place to be, but for many, there are better alternatives, often much better. Many large high street lenders have now relaxed their lending criteria from where it was at the start of the decade and are offering brilliant products, but if you don't qualify for those lenders, there are many other specialist lenders, challenger banks, and building societies who will take a very flexible approach, and yet still offer attractive rates.

The potential savings from re-mortgaging could well be enough to cover our broker fee and any other mortgage fees, and still leave you better off.

If you are an Alison, why not speak to us. We will listen to your needs and circumstances, provide expert advice, and work on your behalf to find the right lender and product. We will then manage the process and smooth the way through the application process. You don't need to be an expert on mortgages when you employ an expert on your behalf.

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